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Server and Desktop Managed Services
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Business success depends on the focus of your company on what it does best. Distractions, especially technical related issues, can get very costly and distract the company focus away from what it was intended to do. Minimize technological distractions with managed services from NorthSound.

Managed services by NorthSound Technology Services takes the hassle out of technology by performing routine preventative maintenance, monitoring, and management behind the scenes so you can focus on more important issues. Server management is intended to keep the one most importang group of computers running smoothly, reliably, and efficiently. We provide support for all Windows®, Linux and many Unix® based operating systems.

Server Systems are:

  1. Monitored and logged for event notifications which indicate potential problems.
    1. Core server systems monitoring
    2. Critical software components monitoring
    3. Disk space, CPU and other bottlenecks
    4. Security and systems access
  2. Maintained to maximize system performance and stability.
    1. Licensing verifications for expiration and user count
    2. Disk performance and fragmentation
    3. Software updates
    4. Systems security
  3. Data archival management, both on-site and remote to protect vital data the event of a catastrophe.
    1. Local data backups to tape, disk, or other removable media
    2. Remote archival of critical data securely transmitted and archived on our server
    3. Systems disk imaging for fastest disaster recovery
  4. Specialized actions for proprietary server and software components.
  5. Included phone or email support in the event problems occur.

Desktops and Workstations are:

  1. Maintained to maximize system performance and stability.
    1. Software Licensing and Subscriptions
    2. Disk space, CPU and other bottlenecks
    3. Disk Performance and fragmentation
    4. Software Updates
  2. Systems review of performance points and potential problems.
  3. Included phone or email support in the event problems occur.

All services performed for a specific monthly rate, providing a "no surprises" experience and cost control. For more information or pricing, contact us today.