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NorthSound Technical Services

Free information to improve your computing environment.

Tech Tip's

E11 - Decembber 2017: The Big Tool for Small Business

Voice Over IP or VoIP brings great value and functionality to small business with a small price tag. For the skinny, VoIP is just a somewhat new way to do telephone systems with a complete laundry list of functions and features at a very small price. Check out our full newsletter for a comparison and what VoIP telephony can do for your business.

E10 - November 2017: Back It Up or Loose It

It is not an if, but a when. All hard drives will eventually fail, and many as soon as 2-3 years old. Now, there is a great variety of backup solutions that provide reliable backups for all types of users and needs. Check out the full newsletter and learn more about getting your personal or business files protected.

E9 - October 2017: Smartphones are Susceptible Too

If you’re one of the 77%, you own a smartphone. A smartphone is by all measure, nothing less than a micro-computer, and likewise is subject to Trojans, viruses and unwanted programs that can cause havoc on your system. It is important to learn how to minimize your risk and get the most from your smartphone.

E8 - September 2017: Working Remotely Securely

Did you know you can work remotely on your office computer from just about anywhere in the world? Want to take a vacation and still get work done? Need a quiet place for the day to get some work done? There are many ways to accomplish this but each have their own benefits and security risks. Read more to learn about how to work remotely in a reliable and secure way.

E7 - August 2017: Protect That Gadget

We use so many little (and expensive) gadgets throughout our day.
So, what happens when you lose or break that smartphone, tablet or laptop? Learn about inexpensive options that exist that provide different levels of protection, including accidental damage repairs. Find one that best serves your needs and budget. Check out our online newsletter that gives several options and compares plans from different companies.

E6 - March 2017: Internet Safety

The Internet is a great place, and a dangerous place. We’ve all likely needed to deal with malware, viruses and other Internet woes. Basic defense such as good antivirus and antimalware software, visiting only trusted sites, and not opening emails from unknown sources are a few starter rules.

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E5 - February 2017: When You Need PC Help, Gather Your Info

From time to time, we all run into problems with our computer and need assistance. Save money and get your problem resolved more quickly by doing a screenshot and gathering some basic information about the problem. Providing this information makes diagnosis easier and will save time finding the source of the problem.

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E4 - January 2017: Simple Rules to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing emails are socially engineered emails designed to get users to divulge private information including credit card numbers and other confidential information. They are extremely convincing that they have come from a legitimate source, such as PayPal, a university or even the IRS. One simple rule to follow: Never click on any links in emails. Manually type in the URL home page and access your information directly.

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E3 - December 2016: ReUse or Recycle Old Equipment

Old computer equipment sitting around gathering dust may seem useless to you, but  itmay be a benefit to others. Many non-profit organizations rely on donated equipment, and may benefit greatly if you have usable computers. Unused equipment can also be recycled for free at the North Whidbey Transfer Station & Recycle Park. Call 360-675-6161 for more information. For detailed information outside Oak Harbor, visit the Washington State’s Department of Ecology at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/swfa/eproductrecycle. Please note, be certain you have securely removed all data prior to releasing your equipment to anyone. Call us for help.

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E2 - November 2016: To SaaS or not to SaaS

Many applications and application suites like Microsoft Office are quite expensive, especially if you’re buying for multiple computers. Alternatively, many of these are now available as SaaS, (Software as a Service) or subscription. SaaS licenses can be less expensive initially, but over the long haul, will cost more. Further, you lose the right to use the software if you discontinue your subscription. Even so, a subscription may be the right choice for you or your business.

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E1 - Oct 2016: Get More Life from Your PC or Mac

To get more life from your PC or Mac, leave the computer on with the monitor off. Turning the computer on and off repeatedly heats and cools the system, which causes wear.

Always use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to protect the computer from network surges and spikes. The power on the Island is reliable… until the storms come. Surges, sags and spikes from storms can be an instant killer of electronics.

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